it’s a scarf! and you can knit it!

i actually started this simple pattern by mistake – it was supposed to be a plain old ribbed pattern (k2 p2, next row p2 k2, etc.)… but when my co-worker was showing me some pointers, she forgot to change stitch to make the ribbed pattern, thus creating a sort of modified seed stitch.


yep, that's me!

i used moda*dea fuzzy ‘swirl’ yarn in ‘carnival’, and size 11 needles. nice loose tension. i like my scarves long, so i used two balls of yarn.

cast on 18 stitches.

first row: knit 2, purl 2, knit 2, purl 2.. continuing to end of row. you will -always- start and end with two knit stitches.
next row and all rows: same as the first. knit 2, purl 2, etc.
::remember to move your yarn under the needle before each set of knit stiches, so that the yarn comes out the back – and so that the yarn comes out the front for purl stitches. if you overlook this detail, your stitches will appear twisted, and the pattern won’t come out.

continue until you think the scarf is long enough. šŸ™‚