wow. i just downloaded more wp plugins, and ended up downloading ‘sidebar widgets’ because of it, and then customising my old sidebar to fit the widgets, and then fixing the widget template, and then installing another plugin and customising that one! *lol*
the poor server. i’ve refreshed the main page about a zillion times in the past 3 hours.
then i added an entire year’s worth of dates into the new calendar. that took forever. my -only- thing about this calendar is that it doesn’t let you enter a date with no year like phpcalendar does, thus displaying that event every year on the same date. oh well. i suggested it to the plugin author – we’ll see if he implements it. if he does, it’ll be a while, because he last updated only 2 months ago.

i did dicover in all of this that i need to do a new layout eventually, and make the sidebar easier to see. like, with cute little header graphics and borders around each section. i originally went for minimalism on this layout, but i’m finding now that it’s a bit -too- minimal. one of these days i’ll find some inspiration..

now to back up the databases and everything.. that was a lot of changes. :}