i’m becoming a bit jaded on the whole fanlisting thing. it was lots of fun before i had a job and everything.. kept me busy. i even joined fanlistings for a while -at- work, if i had a lapse in real work to do.
but i’ve grown tired of finding that a list i’ve joined has moved and the owner didn’t notify anyone, or it’s just plain closed. so many lists change so often, it’s hard to keep up. the only lists i can think of that are the same as they were 3 years ago are my own, and duckie from pretty in pink. 😛
i’m not even sure i’ll join anymore because of all of it. not to mention the fact that i’ve just had to chmod all of my uploaded images folders for enth to 755 to keep some potential hackers out.. that kind of defeats a main purpose of using a script like enth.
also, my fanlists have been spammed left and right, and the script is so complicated i don’t even want to try finding a way to add blocking features. the idiots/bots don’t even enter a country, and i thought there’d be something in the script to tell them they can’t do that – but there isn’t. i suppose even if there was, they’d just tell it to select the first thing on the list.
i’m seriously considering scrapping enth, at least for the fanlists i own, and going back to manual maintenance. that way i could at least use a CAPTCHA email script to keep some of the bullshit out. and none of my fanlists get enough traffic to really need a script anyway. especially lately. :/

i really don’t want to get to the point of giving up altogether – i still enjoy these silly things, and i don’t want to close down my beloved lists. but damn, i want to take a bazooka to these spammers…

in other news, there is no other news. 😛

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  1. The same here. I’m tired of that whole fanlisting-stuff… but then, I don’t want to close all of my fanlisting, as I got some real good ones… but then I think, it’s nothing good for… I’m split between two sides. Argh, it’s awful!