in the past three weeks, the amount of junk emails i’ve been getting has skyrocketed. i wonder who got into what database, or sold my address, or what? it’s bad enough that i’m thinking about changing my address.
plus, a few of my fanlistings (particularly japan) have been spammed left and right… i wish that hole in enth3 that lets people ‘join’ without entering a country would be fixed already. i realise the script is in beta testing for a new version, but.. arghhhh.
it disgusts me that we can’t even LIVE in this world without having bullshit thrown at us in the form of slogans, statistics and fake testimonials, let alone being being insidiously injected with the new form of screwing up a word in any way possible to get around any filters we can imagine. any way to make a few extra cents, and too many people out there will jump into a vat of stinking maggots to get it (sometimes literally, fear factor anyone?).
point of badly-worded rant:
greed is the absolute worst sin, in my opinion.



  1. yeah, most of it is probably the fanlistings. i hate to do it, but i may end up just changing my addy and not updating the fanlists – i join them more for showing off the buttons on my own site anyway. heh!
    thanks for the compliments! 😀

  2. The spam could be from having your email posted in fanlistings or comment boards. It’s a bitch I know, I have so many emails telling me how big my non-existent penis can be, it’s not even amusing any more. I just discovered your site rom Skyler’s and I love it! Keep up the good work!